The Wine-Grower

Pierre Talayrach


Once upon a time, a child was born in a soft and round countryside, dressed with a mixed green of grapevine and fields. As main sight, a balcony with a white roof, planted in the middle of an azure blue sky. And this soft reflection of nature, comfortably installed between sea and mountain, is named Pézilla-la-Rivière.
Pierre Talayrach grew up in this space of plenitude, where he learnt how to live with vine, close to his father who, himself had learnt it as well from his father, and this, for generations.

This twin sister, cherished by his father, Pierre also got it in his genes. He has stood alongside vine for years, in order to understand it better, see it evolve, grow, die sometimes as well.

When Pierre received the tremendous joy to run this vineyard, he felt the necessity to make it evolve towards different destinies.

Pierre Talayrach is one of these men : a huge heart, a firm hand, avant-garde words ; he is a visionary, a dreamer maybe. Anyway, passion makes his veins and heart beat; he brings his own part of happiness, and pain as well. Because nothing is simple or easy. Because really willing means aiming at the ultimate condition. And this landsman, with a frank look, a firm hand and deep desire, enlightens his cellar with his presence.


The Dream Seekers…
The height of a dream, a longing, a passion: the vineyard. This passion which Pierre Talayrach got at his birth and that he develops, accompanied by Jérôme Loubès, passionate oenologist of new flavours. Jérôme Loubès and Pierre Talayrach show the same desire and energy. They combine their ideas and talents, their stories, their researches and hopes.

They blend in the soft liquid they distill, feelings of ardour and madness for sure. Therefore the vine penetrates the man, talks about his history, pains and joys. It is the central pillar, the one that makes everything possible.

And when it becomes essential, it releases its red fruits flavours. The nourishing earth and the bunch of grapes, forever united for Pierre Talayrach’s joy.

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